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Nice to meet you,

I'm Margaret

Adventurer, coffee-lover, book enthusiast, traveler, third culture kid, mental health advocate, and most importantly, founder of Heartlines Yoga!




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a bit more about

My story

Despite growing up in a small little hippie town that offers plenty of meditation and yoga opportunities, I was somewhat late to the yoga game compared to local Sebastopol standards. I dabbled with yoga a bit in my teen years and found that certain things calmed my anxiety, but it wasn’t until I was in college that I fell in love with the practice. One night after classes, I walked from my dorm over to the campus gym and took a yoga class that my surf teacher, Alain, was leading. (Yes, surf classes are a real thing when you go to school in Orange County and something I HIGHLY recommend to cover your P.E credits.) All I remember from that class was doing my first happy baby and spending most of the class in laughter through the hilarious journey Alain somehow turned the class into. 


After that, I spent a summer interning in Austin, Texas where I found myself practicing yoga 5 days a week at Dharma Yoga. I was hooked. I was given a therapeutic practice of reflecting on my practice by coloring into a chart the parts of my body I felt in tune with before and after yoga class. With a tangible visual like that, I couldn’t ignore it; the difference yoga made for me was apparent.


Since then I have gone on to complete my 200 hour teacher training at Wanderlust Yoga taught by some of the top leaders in the field: Clio Manuelian, Chad Dennis, Joan Hyman, and Schuyler Grant; 50 hours of continuing education on the philosophy of yoga with Clio Manuelian; and am currently at the end process of completing my children's yoga teacher certification through OmSchooled. 


Over the years, my heart and life experiences have guided my choice of work and have ranged widely; the thread through most of it has been my joy of working with kids. Yoga geared towards teens feels like my dharma. I am excited to walk down this path that has been passed through generations, heart to heart. Lineage.

Professional Background
& Certifications

  • 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) through Wanderlust 

  • 300 hour yoga teacher training through Be the Change Yoga

  • 95 hour registered children's yoga teacher (RCYT) through OMSchooled 

  • 50 hours of continuing education in yogic philosophy with Clio Manuelian 

  • Trained in Transcendental Meditation

  • MindUp for Schools Grades 6-8 Certified (Social Emotional learning program)

  • QPR Suicide Prevention Trainer

  • CPR & First Aid Certified

  • Lapsed Certifications: Wilderness first aid, Lifeguard for river and pool, Swiss Lifeguard certified

Professional Background

Get to know me

Favorite Trader Joe's Item

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Favorite place to visit:

Lugano, Switzerland

My friends would describe me as:

Passionate, kooky, energetic

My happy place:


A favorite reminder:

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Let's practice together

Yoga for teens

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